Sea of ​​Thieves: How to Get the Stolen Secrets Commendation

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 5 largely revolves around the ability to bury treasure, either as another crew's quest or to store your own loot for later retrieval. This has a host of associated challenges, including the Stolen Secrets Commendation. This is a strictly pirate vs. pirate task, and we'll walk you through it.

Stealing Secrets in Sea of ​​Thieves

To complete the Stolen Secrets Commendation, you must steal a deck of cards from another crew and place it on your own card table. There are several ways to achieve this.

For most, the first solution that comes to mind is good old-fashioned PVP. Sail around until you find another crew, sink them, steal their deck of cards when they float to the surface. Sounds simple, right? Well, sort of.

This can be tricky, as there is no guarantee that other ships will have a set of maps on board. Sinking another ship can be a lot of fun, but it's no use to you if there are no cards. You also run the risk of sinking your own ship (rude!).

Clever hackers can scavenge lots of cards with a stealthy approach. Tucking in Sea of ​​Thieves is the art of sneaking aboard another ship undetected. If you manage to do so, keep an eye on the travel table. If the “donor” crew has a deck of cards, they will sit there. You can mount and tear off the package. Escape without anyone seeing you and the cards are all yours.

Or you can take the cooperative approach. You might be surprised how often other crews are open to just swapping lots of cards. Asking via horn or chat isn't the worst idea. Alliance members can also be the source of stolen cards. If a friendly crew doesn't have a deck of cards to give away, they can always bury a random piece of loot on an island. It will make a bundle to steal, and no one has to sink. A win-win!

Whichever way you do it, just get your hands on another crew's deck of cards and place it on your table. It'll earn you the praise, and now you can go get their loot.

Now that you and your mighty crew have stolen some secrets, you can turn your attention to other projects at sea, like creating special recipes or finding hidden journals. Whatever your next adventure, be sure to check in to Gameskinny for the latest Sea of ​​Thieves tips and tricks.

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