Stardew Valley Caves: Should You Choose Mushrooms or Bats?

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Once you've finally broken even and done your first 25k in Stardew Valley, a man will be waiting at your door to give you a choice of mushrooms or bats; the choice of one or the other will ultimately determine the fate of the empty cave on your farm. So what is it? Mushrooms or bats?

Should you choose mushrooms or bats for your Stardew Valley cave?

When you get your first 25 km in Stardew Valley, the NPC Demetrius will offer you a chance to participate in an experiment that will transform your farm's empty cave. If you accept his offer, you will have the choice between bats or mushrooms.

The Bats option will turn your cave into a home for bats that will randomly drop fruit, and the Mushrooms option will provide a daily amount of mushrooms.

Both options have their advantages, and we would also say disadvantages if there was no clear winner on one side; in short, the best option is Mushrooms, and here's why.

You can't farm mushrooms in Stardew Valley, to begin with, and choosing this option will allow you to have a daily ration of mushrooms is already a clear victory. You can also get Rare Mushrooms much more frequently than hunting and foraging them in the mines.

Along with that, there are only two seasons in which you can harvest mushrooms, and even finding them is a challenge. This is because for mushrooms such as purple mushrooms, you will have to go too far into the mines to get them, and they are not guaranteed to be there when you are there.

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That said, for these two reasons alone, mushrooms are clearly the better choice; you also can't grow mushrooms, unlike fruit and mushrooms are also needed to make life exliars, so there's that too. Additionally, some mushrooms make decent food choices on their own and are needed for many more crafting recipes.

However, the case could be made for fruits as they are beneficial gifts for many NPCs in Stardew Valley, and they are also needed for several packages. You can also make wine with fruit, which is probably one of the most valuable items to sell in the game.

But then again, unlike mushrooms, fruit is easy to get, mushrooms aren't, and you're not even guaranteed to get fruit, because some days you can't get anything and types of fruits you get are also random. So in the end, we highly recommend choosing the mushroom option over the fruit, as it seems the more convenient of the two.

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