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Ships were created to cross oceans and rivers by civilizations. The type of boat varies from transport boats, trade boats or fishing boats which automatically produce food. Civilizations currently only make three types of ships, and the developer hasn't said whether or not there are plans to upgrade the ships.

The only ship types civilizations are currently able to build are:

  • Fishing – A fishing boat automatically collects food for the village.
  • Battle – The galleon-like ship that carries troops into battle and colonizes new lands.
  • Trade – Produces gold automatically for the village.

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Over time there should be more. It's kind of stuck in a medieval revival state right now, never getting to modern times. This means that the ship system doesn't quite live up to many players' expectations.

While the game is in Early Access, the developers have said they will continue to add to it during this time. It is therefore very possible that these features will change during the two years that the game will be in early access.

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