All paranormal effects of tarot cards in Phasmophobia

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Cursed Possession instructs players to draw every tenth card from their deck, but multiple of the same card can appear there. Each arcana has a different effect that can help or hinder the player depending on what is drawn.

The ten arcana

Some cards have a lower spawn rate in the deck than others. There are only 10 cards that can appear and since there can be several of the same card, it is rare to see all 10 Arcana in a single deck. Players must be in the survey area when drawing cards for them to work. Once a card is used, they are burned.

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  • The Sun - Drawing will completely restore sanity.
  • The Moon – Drawing will deplete Sanity to 0.
  • The Tower – Drawing causes an interaction such as the fuse box shutting down or the TV turning on.
  • The Wheel of Fortune – Drawing causes the card to burn red or green. If green, the player restores their sanity by 25 percent. If it is red, the player loses 25 percent of their sanity.
  • The Devil - Drawing triggers a ghost event. It can be breathing, flickering of light, electronic malfunction, turning on of red lights or their complete destruction.
  • The High Priestess - Drawing resurrects a dead teammate from where they died.
  • Hangman – Drawing this card kills the player and has a very low chance of spawning.
  • Death – The drawing causes a cursed hunt.
  • The Hermit - Drawing locks the ghost in place, preventing it from hunting or moving.
  • The Fool – This card will appear as another card when drawn, but will reveal itself as the Fool when it burns. It doesn't matter and any tarot card drawn in a hunt will become the fool.

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