All professional sports and how to play them in BitLife

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There are many sports you can play in Bitlife, so here's how to play them all and what they'll need to play.

How to practice all sports in Bitlife

In Bitlife you can play a total of seven sports professionally, but to play them professionally you must first work in them from high school; along with this you will also need a high athletics stat. If you don't have a high athletic stat, you can increase that stat by going to the gym, taking walks, and doing martial arts.

That said, keep increasing your sports stats and try to join one of the sports teams when you reach high school age. You should have no trouble joining a team if you have a high athletic stat; if not, keep going to the gym and try to join a team after a while.

Sooner or later you should be accepted, and when that happens you will have to continue training every year and going to the gym and other activities until you graduate. After graduating from high school, you can move on to college where you can apply for varsity teams.

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However, you might also get offers from pro teams after you finish high school, but you might want to stay clear until a few years of college because you might end up getting a bad contract.

But on the other hand, you might want to accept this offer because you might not be able to get another one any time soon. If you accept the first offer you receive, just develop your athletic skills and look for a better team later.

If you want to wait for a better deal and finish college first, it's pretty much the same as high school; keep practicing every year, and after you graduate from college, you can try out for professional teams.

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