Does Subnautica have a random map?

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Yes and no. Terrain, locations, and biomes are all static in Subnautica, so the map itself is not random. But there are a lot of things around the map that are random between games.

For example, the player will rarely appear in a new world in the same location as the previous world. They will always spawn in the shallows area in the middle of the map, but the precise location varies between games. It can really make the map feel like it changes every playthrough, adding replayability, but it's still the same map.

Resources, likewise, are randomized in this way. They will still spawn in their set biomes, but in random locations within those biomes.

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The locations of shards, which are needed to unlock new technologies and items, are somewhat random, although most shards have a predisposition to spawn in certain locations. Seaglide shards will still spawn in the slums, for example, and Cyclops engine shards directly won't spawn in the slums.

Time capsules are completely random, both in location and content.

While the map may remain exactly the same, each playthrough will still be somewhat unique. And while it's effectively static, the map is pretty huge, so it might look like a new map every game anyway.

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