Find the Thief, Tarana Quests (Arrow Challenges)

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Finding the thief is one of the special Arrow challenges, which features the character of Tarana. We show you its location on our map. In addition to the traditional challenges, which are available every week, Epic Games has set up special challenges for certain characters in Fortnite. This is the case of Tarana, who is at the heart of a series of quests, the Challenges of the Arrow. These, in addition to exploring the lore of the battle royale, allow players to recover good rewards, whether XP or skins. To do this, you will have to validate the challenge asking you to find the thief.

Find the thief in Fortnite

Now you're going to have to get your hands on thief to continue your adventures. You will have to take the direction of Colossal Crops, east of the Spire, and find a certain Raz, who is this famous thief. As a general rule, he wanders around in one of the buildings north of the locality, upstairs. If you can't find him, go around the constructions and be attentive, as soon as you are close to him, in addition to hearing him walk, you will see the sign of the NPCs (a white rectangle with three small dots).

Once Raz has been found, go talk to him and click on the “La Flèche” option to complete the challenge.

Note that many players are currently looking for the thief, which might require you to defend yourself quickly. Do not hesitate to look for a weapon as soon as you land in Colossal Crops, to avoid dying stupidly.

Below you will find thelocation of Raz, aka the thief, in Fortnite.

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