Torchlight 3: How to play with friends

Torchlight 3 is finally out, and no doubt you can't wait to embark on a loot-filled adventure! What makes the game more fun is playing with friends, and up to 4 people can join your game, so you can all go on a journey together! For those who play on PC, figuring out how to connect to other people or how to join friends is a bit discordant and not at all straightforward. No worries, we're here for you. Here's how to play with friends in Torchlight 3!

How to invite friends

The process isn't very clear on how to do it in the game, especially if you've been playing solo from the start. Even more annoying is that there's no way to join a multiplayer game or invite friends through the single-player interface. If you're playing solo and want to play with friends, you have to go back to the main menu, which is weird. Just follow these steps and you'll be golden:

  • First, go back to the main menu and select Multiplayer
  • Choose your existing characters or create a new one
  • Once the game has loaded, open the Social menu by pressing the P key
  • If you're playing on Steam, choose the Friends tab
  • Find who you want to join
  • Finally, click on the Party button, next to their name, and this will send the invite.
  • Sometimes the Steam friends list in Torchlight 3 doesn't work properly, and if a friend's name isn't showing up for some reason, use the Party tab and search for their name instead. To access the Party tab, it's the tab to the left of Steam Friends. Type in your friend's name as it appears on Steam, then click Party again, and they should receive the invite.

    How to accept a friend invitation

    If you're the one receiving the invitation, don't worry, we'll tell you how to accept it. Follow the instructions above and go back to the Social tab and under Party you should have a pending invite. Just click Accept to join your friends' game!

    However, it should be noted that you will join your friend's game, at their current level. If you're below them, you're going to have a tough time, because you can only receive experience if you're alive. If you're dead, you won't gain any EXP at all to level up; it's not a good system to try and level up a friend's under-leveled character. Also, you cannot advance the story with a friend unless you are both at the same part of the story.

    To make things less boring, it's best to start new characters with friends and start your journey all over again!

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