Who is the latest fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has established itself as the biggest entry in the popular platform fighting series with the most extensive roster yet. The game features over 80 characters including all previous fighters and many DLC fighters.

With multiple DLC characters released in both fighters' packs, you might be wondering who the final fighter in Super Smash Bros. will be. Ultimate? The answer is that no one knows yet. Luckily, there's not long to wait to find out.

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The latest Super Smash Bros. fighter. Ultimate will be revealed on October 5, 2021. Like the previous characters, the final fighter will be featured in a Mr. Sakurai Presents where Sakurai typically demonstrates the character's moveset along with much more information about the character. The event will begin at 7 a.m. PT and 10 a.m. ET.

Other characters such as Banjo Kazooie, Kazuya, Terry and Steve added as DLC opened a door to endless possibilities. Naturally, rumors are swirling about the identity of the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter. You can watch the reveal on Nintendo's Youtube channel where the event will be streamed live. After the event, the video will also be uploaded to Nintendo's channel so you can watch it anytime afterward.

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